Update v0.21 - Fireflies at night and more!

Hey there!

Here is an update of Haven Park! I've been working on it for a few days now, and I'm very happy with these changes!

  • Added new activity building: Swing
  • Added fireflies to catch at night
  • Added new quest: catch fireflies
  • Added new dialogues: The book at Black Tower, some characters who were only saying "Hi"
  • Improved the dialogue system parser for clearer syntax and easier localization
  • Balanced the skill points earnings when leveling-up
  • Balanced experience required to level up (more exponential)
  • Improved some UI elements on the notebook (fonts, spacing)
  • Shortened the time before campers arrives when conditions are met
  • Added butterflies
  • Remapped default buttons
  • Added key to open the map (tab/Y)
  • Fixed building placement validation, now based on the building's position, not Flint's)
  • Fixed wrong key name displayed on some hints depending on the controller
  • Minor demo version changes
  • And other smaller fixes

My next priority is to focus on preparing the demo version of the game!

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