Map reveal and UI improvements (V0.18)


I had a few days to work on the game, and I could implement some of the feedback I received. Here is a list of of these improvements

  • Map reveal: It is only when you discover a camp that the area around it reveals itself on the map. It helps to keep track of what you have visited and what is still undiscovered! It also helps to get a better idea where you are on the island!
  • building edition UI: The buildings have now a dedicated user interface to choose the actions to do (move, recycle, collect...). The marketplace also has a brand new interface to trade more easily.
  • Fix a lot of small typos
  • E key can now be used on buttons and workshop
  • The notebook remembers the page you were on. This makes it easier if you often want to take a look at the map for example. No more need to turn 5 pages to reach it!
  • Various bug fixes
  • Pitch variation on pew and jump sounds: this reduces the repetition effect, and gives a more organic feel.
  • Slow down character speed when moving objects: It's now easier to manipulate the buildings!
  • rotate mode for buildings: if you want to precisely rotate a building after placing it, now you can!

I hope you'll like these changes!

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